You look across at me
And wonder why I have a special smile
A smile that shows a secret
That is held close
Like it makes me live
Like it makes me love;

The dark air is dispelled
There is hope
And music, oh loads of it
And where there once was melancholia
Is a sense of fulfilment
Of belonging, of acceptance;

And my secret is this
I have accepted
And hence I am
Whole again;

It’s good to feel this alive
After what feels like a lifetime of cynicism
And all this
With just a little seed of acceptance
Of what I am
As I am
Rather than what I think I should be.


One thought on “Acceptance

  1. sometimes its a struggle that my mind goes through, a dilemma which I have never satisfactorily cracked. Is accepting a form of settling for lesser thing?, like If I accept the way I am, does it mean I may end up spoiling the version of me I want to be?.

    “Like it makes me live
    Like it makes me love;”

    not sure why..even after two days, somehow I like these lines, am struggling to find the reason though


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