It’s summer again

For Writer’s Island combining the prompts of Impulse , Betrayal and Liberation:

This feeling of euphoria and ecstasy

Has turned me into someone I know not;

Strangely liberating is this moment

Knowing that I dictate my life;

Too long have I wallowed in depression

Suppressed by self-doubt and expectations

Of others;

There is free air around now

And a glorious summer day


For me to fill in the hours

With fun, music, laughter, love;

I have smiled at strangers today

And watched their surprise and joy

While smiling back

What joy there is in spreading cheer;

There is adventure in the air

I can sniff it, almost smell it now

A feeling of mirth and joy

Understanding that being me

Isn’t a betrayal of another’s expectations;

Laughter has found its place again

As I glory

At being alive

At simply being me


Rather than what someone wants me to be


10 thoughts on “It’s summer again

  1. argh! now u dedicate an entire blog post to summer and sunshine >:-(
    how could u? 😥
    i hate u!

    CD, not easy to curb one’s impulses eh?


  2. “I have smiled at strangers today

    And watched their surprise and joy

    While smiling back”

    thats simply too nice..

    btw did you try?..I am sure you know what I am asking 🙂

    hu-hum. Will tell you that later sometime 🙂


  3. Amen, Chennai, and welcome back to the sunny side. If you’re smiling at people in India, I know the response well, and it lights up life. There is nothing as bright as a frown going to a smile in India.

    Thank You Richard. It seems like you do know a bit of India, you are right, it is quite a heartening sight at times


  4. Smiling at strangers can be liberating yes….and when they smile back…you know the chain has started…
    you’ve described the summer sunshine so well…

    **Understanding that being me
    Isn’t a betrayal of another’s expectations;**

    Very true…and well said

    thank you. And it is a wonderful feeling 🙂


  5. sunny side up 🙂 makes me fell goooooooood
    yeh it’s always good to be up n running- it feels colorful to be positive n spread teh joy..
    there’s no point in being a sore thumb neways!

    Thank You
    And it is great reading so many positive comments on this blog after a long time, the fault lying entirely of course with the owner of the blog 😛
    I agree, sore thumbs are a no-no in this world 🙂


  6. theres nothing like spreading the cheer huh? 🙂 and, i see ‘chennai’ in the comment above.. if you can smile at people in this heat, kudos to you!!! 🙂


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