So, there is a deluge of posts in the blogosphere on that particular monthly problem of women/chums/periods/take your pick of whatever you want to call them, just check desipundit for the link (am too lazy to link it here, moreover, people do some work atleast) to Neha’s post (@, but what made my day was reading the comments by a certain Raj (hmm, if that is his real name).

You can get them at and

Ok, I still am giggling over the comments and if you want to just know what was funny without reading them (because you are lazy or hard-pressed for time),here are some of the funnier quotes of Raj:

1) if a woman with periods does their ticket, it could be very unlucky for them. (and that explains all the train accidents and bus accidents, “impure” women must have booked them)

2)  i have seen myself pickles going bad when impure woman has touched. (Erm, I am sure it had nothing to do with the weather, leaving the jars opened, not enough oil, the age of the pickles or anything remotely logical, it was because the woman had touched them)

3)  women are not bad, but they need to be careful to not give others bad luck. (How sweet, so we really are not that bad at all, come on sisters, rejoice at least for this)

4)  their women don’t know how to control themselves – and that is why babies are born without mothers being married.  (Ok, I am pretty sure that I heard this also happens only when a man is also involved, but I could be completely wrong here)

5) that is why they are smoking, drinking and having sex without respect for anyone (And having sex requires respect for someone, anyone. I would have thought just love/lust would do)

6) god has given woman periods so that she knows that she cannot do everything a man can…….. otherwise women forgets that she has to take care of babies. see, these rules remind even unmarried womens what their duties are…. that they must always sacrifice. (OMG, I am still laughing so hard at this. So a) unmarried women to be labelled as “even unmarried” because they obviously are neglecting their duties of being the baby machines and b) the duties of women include sacrificing always. And I am not going to start on the forgetting part at all)

7)you can come and run after me.. but let’s see if you can run when you are having periods. i am betting you cannot. if you are a good hindu follower then you follow these rules, otherwise you can become a west person or convert even. why make hinduism impure with ur actions?? (And so an entire religion that is supposed to be one of the oldest becomes impure now because some women have the (if you forgive the disrespectful and biologically unsound term used here) “balls” to question the necessity of some archaic rules which cannot be excused on the nature of logic/science here? (If you quoted tradition to me as the reason, I would not be laughing so much now, would I?Ok, maybe just a little) And of course I can become “west person or convert” because a good Hindu woman should not have the temerity to question a man either)

8) my wife agrees with me. not because she thinks i am mad. but because she knows that i am correct. our shastras say that wives must always obey husbands. but you are an impure so called hindu who is not really hindu, so you will never these understand these things. (And while I am slightly lost as to the meaning of this sentence, all I can think of is, poor poor woman who is your wife, or it could be she is one of those amazingly intelligent women who has you in her palm eating happily out of it thinking that you rule her (there have been such women you know and there still are, amazing beings that they are))

P.S I am pretty sure that Raj is just a person who is out to give us all a few laughs, because the thought of such a person existing in reality and believing in all that drivel he spouted is worrying in the extreme. I think I would prefer to feel he/she is just a comedian who wanted to make our day lighter.

Edit: A few more precious comments by Raj, I am not going to comment on them since enough people seem to be making that discussion rather lively.



5 thoughts on “ROTFL

  1. ohhh my god…..that guy is crazy….i think the readers for this topic must defintely visit the blog site before reading what CR has written…..iam so furious…want to go and give this guy a piece of my mind in person!!!!!!!!!!!!what the ##%%&&$$##@@@ ‘bleep’


  2. he he the comments were really funny.

    btw I might sound a little cliched and a little Hippocrate too…somehow find the topic little uneasy to talk about..may be its just a mental block or something


  3. Hilarious, isn’t he? He has come up with some more gems now, apart from the ones you’ve compiled 🙂 The man also has a lot of time on his hands – no doubt because his wife does all his work 😉


  4. @all
    Calm down, am sure he is just an aberration.
    I read them, he seems to just get better and better, doesn’t he?
    Yeah, I can just imagine him treating his wife like a slave, getting all the work done by her 🙂
    @Rambler, a lot of men find it uncomfortable, so there is nothing to worry about for you 🙂


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