Thought for the day


   Just when I think I recognise my face finally, my hands reach behind and peel off yet another mask;

I wonder sometimes if I will ever run out of masks.


9 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Guess all those masks are very much a part of us.. We invent new ones and discard old.. There is much fun in those fused identities.

    BTW, I like this new look.. 🙂


  2. I liked what nrsl said here…

    and the answer to your question, according to me is yes, altease we run out of need for the masks in presence of some people.


  3. we are creative creatures by nature…i don’t think we will ever run out masks….they are there for our use if ever we need to use them. i think people have a much easier time donning them than letting others see their true selves….we instinctually protect that which is close to us….our Self being one of them.


  4. @NRSL
    If there was fusion, there would be less confusion 🙂
    Am not too sure I have met those some people yet 🙂
    You hit the nail on the head when you say we do it for protecting ourselves instinctively
    That would be the million dollar question? Perhaps more importantly, is there a real one?


  5. hi CR after a long time. Well masks are required sometimes to hide from people and sometimes to hide from outselves. But yes lucky if one could find someone who can see through you despite of all the layered masks. 🙂


  6. @BM
    Welcome back! *Fanfare and pipes and crackers burst all around*
    It’s scary though, the thought of someone able to see through all the layered masks, it defeats the entire purpose of donning them 🙂


  7. CR thats Sweet of you !! * Hugs*

    Well No matter how much ever masks we put on somewhere deep inside one feels atleast there should be one ray which can reach there crossing all the barrings !!


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