On Sandman

I have been missing for some time now because I have finally got something I have been saving up for for a long while now.

Yup, I got the first two volumes (out of four) of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.


 And after reading the first one, there are so many thoughts swirling around in the mist of my brain that I am in the process of collecting them and trying to save them, to try and pin them down and talk to them, let them talk to me, to understand them in a way, if they let me.

And for those souls who are crying out for Sandman, I must regret to say, I am in love – not with Dream/Sandman, but with Death – the beautiful, mysterious stranger who we all meet at the very end, I love her and what she stands for, how she is represented in the series.

And with volume two to look forward to over this weekend, I am, at this moment, perhaps the most satisfied I have ever been.


2 thoughts on “On Sandman

  1. Have you read Terry Pratchett? He represents Death in an almost affectionate way too – as a tall stranger with a sickle, a rat for an assistant and an adopted human daughter..


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