Happy Birthday CM

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu turns 85 today.

While wishing him the best of life, I have one request to make of him – retire.

No, really, if the age of retirement for government offices is around 65, what makes you think that 85 is still a good enough age to rule?

And seriously, there are problems like inflation, transportation, infrastructure, crime and unemployment to worry over, so maybe we could be satisfied that reservation in TN is at 69% (stayed by SC and still implemented after getting all heckled over it) instead to trying to increase it further?

And hold elections in your party for the next leader – try practising democracy within your party too.

Three wives is two too many.

And last of all – please please retire. 85 years, really!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday CM

  1. @QI
    Yeah I guess he still needs to effect the great family get-together with the Marans too.
    Thanks for the link, that was an interesting post
    As for who should inherit the mantle, I for one would like someone not connected with the family at all take it over, but then we know it’s going to be the current Mayor of our exalted city.
    I read that too and have no idea as to who thought up that brilliant plan


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