Rant for the day

“Good morning Sir. I am XYZ calling from ABC Company.

First and foremost, let me thank you for the interest you showed in our service. We received your mail.

Please tell me what you are interested in so that we can do better for you”

Nope, this is not an automated call from a call centre, rather a call from a leading company in the country made by a manager from their sales division.

Needless to say, I kept a straight face through out the meeting as he kept making calls instead to his clients.

And since he happened to be a client, I did not storm out inspite of a strong urge to do so.

Why is it that people at a relatively high position still do not know basic etiquette?

And why is it that certain people still do not understand that you first thank a person for the mail he/she sends across and then talk about the service you provide?




4 thoughts on “Rant for the day

  1. I Agree with Rambler. It is true when it comes to replying the mail to all without even seeing that if the content is appropiate for everyone to read. Many forget to do a spell check even before sending out the email…especially the top crowd as you mentioned 😐


  2. Look on the positive side – atleast he called back. The customer has an opportunity to repeat whatever he said in the email. He didn’t trash the email and forget all about it.

    Sigh. I guess it’s all about managing expectations, and mine are pretty low..


  3. @Rambler
    You are right, I always thought soft skills were just basic manners and sense
    I know, I too have done stuff like that 😦 but have learnt from experience
    Well, if put that way, maybe a bit.
    I guess you are an optimist and I am a person who always sees the glass half-empty.


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