Chennai Blogger Meet

Indiblogger is organising a Chennai bloggers meet (powered by MS ofcourse) this Sunday.

If you are a blogger, a blog-reader, a socialiser or just someone who has nothing else to do at 4:00 PM, drop into this get-together because it does seem like about 90 bloggers have registered for the event, which means atleast 70 of the registered ones will attend and atleast 20 unregistered guests could turn up.

For details on place etc, go here.

For a view of the poster of the event, go here.

As for me, I am thinking of it, if only Indibloggers would release the snaps of the most drool-worthy men who will turn up, I would rush to it. Right, so I objectivise men, sue me.


2 thoughts on “Chennai Blogger Meet

  1. Hey, thanks for the post about the indiblogger meet. Do try and make it, it is lots and lots of fun being at an indiblogger meet. Believe me and you could make it there or you could make it and try and prove me wrong 🙂


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