Do not panic, not yet. I haven’t turned into a blog-stalker, not yet. 😀

But I have heard of these people and wrote this picturing myself as one of them.


Did you know

That every time I read your words

I smile

A little at first

And it broadens

And disappears with a sigh;

I wonder what you would think

If I told you I loved you

Because of your phrases;

Would you shudder

And groan

At yet another stalker;

For I stalk

Through your webpage



Every word you have written;

At times I caress them

With my thoughts


And yet other times

I lurk around

Wincing at the new person you claim to have found

Wishing it was me;

Wondering when I would ever get the courage

To finally come out

And state my obsession;

An addiction

That seems to get worse

With each verse you write down;

I can almost pick through your thoughts now

And I picture you

Sitting in front of a glow

Cast by the monitor

As your fingers tap away at the keyboard

I am wondering how they would feel

Tapping away at me;

Is this lust at first word?



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