Secrets Revealed – Tag

So, I have been made a “Bhakra” by Blue Mist.

And the tag is to reveal ten secrets about yourself, am not sure I have ten of them, so will just share a few instead.

1) I just cannot be rude, I have tried it, but I fail, miserably. Which means that the repulsive guy on the dance floor gets away with a glare instead of a few well-deserved biting comments on his hands and where they should be, simply because I cannot make myself say anything scathing to anyone.

2) I hate women who are perfect, they make me count my failings and no, no one is allowed to ask what makes a woman perfect… some of them just are and I grind my teeth really loud when I see them or hear of them.

3) I don’t get relationships, I really don’t.

4) Deleted by author because of a change of mind(Hmm, deleted this, not sure if this comes via the feed reader though, can someone tell me?)

5) I read, incessantly, if anything stays in front of me for more than a minute, it gets read.

And those are my secrets, I think they already reveal too much of me, so will stop now.

And I am not tagging anyone, if interested, take up the tag.

And if you meet me, please pretend like you do not know these facts I have stated above, pretty please.


3 thoughts on “Secrets Revealed – Tag

  1. thanks CR. Well perfection is boring IMO and also it is perceptual. I am sure you are unique that uniqueness makes you perfect.

    Wondering what could be the DELETED one 😛

    And I read and i forgot 🙂


  2. “3) I don’t get relationships, I really don’t.”

    really?? I can’t believe it

    regarding reading, I end up reading everything, including safety instructions in the elevators, the no smoking instructions in trains and especially boards on the shops 😀


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