For Writer’s Island combining all three prompts of “Superstition”, “Transformation” and “Alter Ego“:


(Disclaimer: None of the art above is mine, I just put them together.I do not know the names of the artists here and so cannot provide a link to their work)


Where are all the dreams of yesterday

And the hopes for tomorrow?

There is now a forbidden air

Of entreaty

Hanging around;

Call me superstitious

But I am frightened

Now to enter again

This grave of the lost –

My dreams, my hopes, myself.

Now all I see

Are ruins


By moments of madness

When each time fresh hope awakened

And took me down paths

That I fear to tread again;

Losing myself,

I created many more in my image

A different one

For a different time;

Each different

Each new

Each perhaps hated more than the other

Because they are not the complete me;


My new habitat. 


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