Two score temples and more

Have I visited these two months

Each time with a fresh hope

That perhaps I will find it in me again

To believe in the existence

Of an All-Mighty Being above.

It would be simpler

To blame a God

Rather than take responsibility for my life;

Unfortunately all I can do

In these “Holy” places

Is gaze in wonder at the architecture

And look around at all the piligrims

And envy them their perfect excuse

– “God is above and it is all in His hands”

There are times when it pays to be a theist



3 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Nice! I admire the carved pillars, the bright green saree on the Lord, and tell myself that I cannot pray when there are so many people around me 🙂


  2. there are times when I truly believe in god..or may be a superior being who is more powerful then me..I mean we go through so many things which we can’t explain for a normal being to be capable of doing it to us 🙂


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