Vita Nuova

Amore Mio,

Do you remember the walks we tread

A fine summer’s day last year?

The entwined hands, the secret winks

The smell of happiness in the air

Coaxing and cajoling the butterflies

Into landing on my hands

So that I could rave about the colours;

A kaleidoscopic floral display you would bring forth

For no reason at all

Trying to get me to remember the names

Of all the blossoms that were there

Which for me only spelt Heaven;

Amore Mio,

Your favourite phrase

Which you would whisper

To dispel my dark anger at times

To get me to smile again

That same stupid love-stuck sappy smile

Of devotion;

Amore mio

Your favourite term

For the next girl down the line

And my favourite term

For the next man in my life

I can picture you now

Smiling at all the others

And I am glad

That you are not disconsolate at what was

But that you have moved

As have I,

Amore Mio

Would it be ironic if I said

I remember the names of the blooms

Better than our shared winks?


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