Hello World

There is so much to write that I am afraid to begin – do I write about the wedding shopping and the related goof-ups? Do I write about work and how I am single-handedly trying to stop Indian bankers from plummeting down into bankruptcy (ok, I am not, but I can write about it, can’t I?)? Do I write about how weird it is to see two question marks in the previous sentence I have just written (the Grammar Nazi would be ready to place me in a concentration camp for this statement too, but hey, aren’t you guys just glad to see me…someone? Anyone? )?

Do I write about how I have finally thrown in my towel at work and am seriously considering just being a home-maker (in-spite of the guffaws I heard when I tried discussing this with some “friends”)? Do I write about my growing tension as the D-Day approaches, not because I am not sure I want to do this, but, because I want it all to be perfect?

Do I write about how I missed blogging, but kept coming up with excuses not to do it, just because I wanted to keep things to myself rather than share?

Do I write about how much I missed some of the discussions I have had with some of my blog buddies and readers on arbit topics that cover topics from rebirth and salvation to whether gay buddies were really good judges of fashion?

Do I write about how much I missed reading what so many people have blogged about?
Should I confess that I marked all the items in my reader as read to get rid of the guilt that kept pushing up my throat trying to get me to notice it?

Do I write about how my friends are ready to kill me because I haven’t been to a single social do for the past six months or so?

Do I write about the fact that I have discovered that being in a serious relationship adds inches (make that lots of inches) to the waistline and what it does to you when you realise you cannot fit into any of your favourite clothes anymore?

Do I write about how I have got back to “chennairamblings”, who seems more real than me each day?

Or do I write about how I am going to keep writing now, to keep in time with the ticking clock. Shall we say, in a nutshell, that this blog will serve as my wedding diary for the next one month? And there will be no simpering tales, so stop cringing already.

And a happy new year to you all.


7 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. It’s really good to see you back. I am kind of silent reader of your blog for past some time, and I missed your writings while you were away. Keep writing 🙂


  2. “Do I write about how I have got back to “chennairamblings”, who seems more real than me each day?”
    you too?? I always wondered why rambler is more of me than me

    P.S. how many inches did it add? lol


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