Call of the green

For a long time now, I had been fighting an urge to buy a few plants and nurture them.

These urges suspiciously always followed food shows that focussed on garden foods and organic farmers.

With space constraints, my plans for growing vegetables and greens in my own backyard had to be shelved (especially since the backyard is a concrete layer of exactly 2 mts width from the house) and I decided to just sit back and complain about city living (and ranting as I am sure some readers will remember is something that I excel at).

This might have continued if I had not visited my mother’s place recently and seen a number of potted plants that had really green leaves and bright flowers on them. I fell in love all over again with green and decided to contact the nursery (which consists of a man trucking his plants on an old fashioned cart down the town roads) and finally bought a few (make that six or half a dozen for the verbose) plants – two roses, a beautiful fern, a Tulsi (a staple for any traditional Indian household) and  two plants whose names I do not know but had real pretty flowers. I also wanted a cactus but was asked if I was mad to want a plant that pricked.

I have always loved cactii, they are resilient, stubborn, aggressive and when they do bloom, have beautiful flowers.

So, with six pots in hand, two loads of mud, some fertilizer and six plants waiting to be potted, I sat down and realised I didn’t know the first thing about gardening or planting or potting. So I paid the man extra to show me the right way to pot them all and got lessons on their care.

Unfortunately, I had not reckoned with the task of transporting said plants to my house with one car and had to leave two plants behind with admonishments to my mum to take care of the little darlings till I could pick them up again.

So, I run out each morning now (my run is more of a waddle now, but there are no onlookers so I can still call it a run) and water the little gems and stare at them with pride and count the leaves to make sure I am not wilting them or killing them with the excess water.  And I am now busy trying to convince the man that parking space can be found down the road just so that I can get more plants in though that could take a bit more time.

I am just glad to see a little green in the concrete space I live in and am hoping to keep adding to that as we go on.

In the meantime, if anyone has tips on gardening and planting (and please note that space constraints force me to go in only for potted plants), please do let me know.


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