Ex-colleagues et al

It’s scary to know that your every move is tracked, recorded and relayed faithfully at your last workplace.

Like when you send a message to a colleague to let him know that November will see a little bundle of joy in your life and you get a call from him saying:

‘That’s late news. I learnt of it about four months ago, as soon as you confirmed your first scan”.

“How? It was supposed to be a secret…”

“Well, you had to cancel a training program and had to give the reason for it and we learnt of it here”

“Ok, I also got a new job”

“I know. L (a pesky branch manager who seemed to make it his job to learn of every aspect of my life even while I was working there) told me”

“How did he learn of that?”

“I don’t know. But he told me this last Friday that you had joined ABC company”

“Well, atleast it took him only a month to find out!”

I am wondering if soon the news of what I had for dinner will be making the rounds, but then I remember I was the notorious one, the one who had to be warned not to listen to music in the office since people may think that I was the only one enjoying life.

On the other hand, it is just conceivable that the man actually reads this blog, in which case,

Hi L. Long time no see….but do you mind not giving out my life’s particulars to all and sundry. There is a reason why this blog is written under a pseudonym (and never mind the quirks about the phase where I decided to out with my real name)…


6 thoughts on “Ex-colleagues et al

  1. Know what I am loving having you back. Where were you all this while hon ? 🙂
    I think every org has one such BBC channel …don’t fret too much !! ..not good for you.


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