Who, little old me?

Priya has decided to call me a “Kreativ Blogger“.

Now, if this doesn’t put pressure on me to improve the standards of this blog, I am not sure what will…in fact, I am sure that this is a conspiracy hatched by the readers of this blog to bring me up to level.

Alas, I am and always will be, a satirist at heart and a really bad writer in fact, so in all modesty, I will just accept the award, give a loud shout out to Priya and thank her for the award and also demand the prize money that goes along-with it.

Now, as per the post in her blog, I am supposed to list out seven things I love.

I, being the intrepid innovator who has her own spin on how she would like to understand things, have decided to list out seven things I absolutely abhor along with the above mentioned list.

So, here goes…

Seven things I love:

  • Books (duh!)
  • Long conversations with my girlfriends
  • Leather Bar (again, duh!)
  • A really well made mojito
  • Elvis Presley
  • The Man and his little idiosyncrasies
  • Hard Rock Music

Seven things I abhor:

  • Bad manners (Really, really turns me off!)
  • Food (I know, kill me, but I just cannot get excited about it)
  • Skinny women selling stuff on TV (yes, I am one of those chunky women who complain incessantly on expected beauty standards)
  • Plain clothing (I love stuff that screams out loud)
  • Snooty waiters
  • Shoes if they are above my price range (it is a crime that should invite imprisonment when temptation is thrown your way and you see the price tags)
  • Leather

There, I have been a good girl and not mentioned French men or Greek god look alikes in my list of things I love (so totally over them now that we are married sweetheart and I love you)…


4 thoughts on “Who, little old me?

  1. nice list, girl!

    er, what’s leather bar?? care to enlighten little, ignorant me?

    and, yes, you ARE indeed creative! 🙂


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