Random thoughts at an airport

While waiting to pick the man up at the airport and realising that the flight is delayed by more than thirty minutes…

Where are all the hot guys?

S***! I wore my bedroom slippers and came here…that’s ok, my outfit is bizarre enough to carry it out, after all, I am in a florescent green salwar and  orange pants, people won’t expect better from my footwear!

Ooh! Bet those shoes cost a bomb! And they look so uncomfortable! Yay, she tripped, they are uncomfortable! *Smirk* I would never have got them *Smirk*

That top looks vaguely familiar, damn, have to ditch that from my wardrobe! Why didn’t anyone tell me it makes the person wearing it look fat (or maybe it doesn’t matter if a fat person is the one wearing it, same difference)

Wow, cute guy at three o’clock! And he is wearing pink and totally carrying it off! And he has a rose in his hand! Aww, finally a guy who cares enough to bring flowers to the airport!

Am bored, wonder who to call and bug! But it’s 10 PM and all those sods are married or engaged! Bah, I want a few single friends again…

What is taking him so long? The plane landed like 30 minutes ago! Am sure he is chatting up those KF babes…

“Hi sweetheart! Sorry, they didn’t let us disembark for more than 20 minutes! Waiting long?”

“Nah! Just arrived here! By the way, you are totally the hottest guy at the airport now, so let’s get out of here!”

…A possessive arm around the man to tug him out while throwing out a subtle message to other bored women at the airport that he is taken


7 thoughts on “Random thoughts at an airport

  1. Awww….mush and all. 🙂
    That top reminds me the westside stuff. once I went to pick up my clothes from dhobi and just to notice she had 5 salwars same as that of mine. Phew !!


      1. forgot to mention I love to spend such times on airport like this waiting for hubbs to come back ; while I munch a cheese sandwich and coffee or read some book !! 😀
        crazy eh ? 😉


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