Mad World

For Sunday Scribblings on “Hungry

Just twelve more to go

She promised herself

Just a few more pounds to lose

And they would stop clamouring in her head

The voices laughing

And the taunting

They still echoed

Through the playgrounds she had once known

And played until they drove her out;

Just twelve more to lose

She thought

Even as she lay starving on the bed

Twelve more, she whispered

As they rushed her to the hospital

Just twelve more, and I will finally be thin;

And the laughter will stop;

She was thirteen

And weighed twenty six pounds.


5 thoughts on “Mad World

  1. WOW, so sad, but this is something that I am sure happens a lot. No child should feel they have to lose weight to fit in. Just makes me sick how kids can pick on each other. Parents should correct this behavior. I had chills reading your post!


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