At dinner on Thursday:



“How are things in Chennai?”

“Not bad”

“By the way…”

A try to lift one eyebrow sardonically, utterly failing and settling for a lopside grin and clenched teeth

“Have you stopped drinking?”


“Well, I heard from an ex colleague of yours that you were well-known for being a party person”

“Hmm hmm”

“So, have you stopped?”


“You are married now right”



“Oh, the last time I drank, I threw up on the person sitting opposite me. I am thinking about it now”


“Shall we get the cheque and leave?”

Why would you discuss any person with ex colleagues? And as long as I am good at my job, what does my personal life mean to you? (Come to think of it, it is none of your business regardless of my performance)

And why does my marriage and any changes post that interest you? The one change that you should be thankful for though is my increased patience and the new polite positive attitude I am trying to cultivate.


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