We are a year old now

In case you didn’t get it, Mr. and Mrs. CR have just celebrated their one year together (as of 8th February).

We have loved, fought, cried and laughed and had a wonderful year.

I know certain detractors were expecting a split (and still are), but we are going strong and hope to see many more anniversaries.

And as I write this, I am humming to myself:

‘It’s almost like being in love’.

For all the readers of this blog, this will show you the change in CR – from the ever cynical blogger to becoming a romantic mush (and slush and everything soft).

Ah well, finding your mate does that to you.


5 thoughts on “We are a year old now

  1. awww
    congratulations!! may you have many more years of togetherness and happiness!! 🙂
    as sai says, the new CR is a welcome change!!:)


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