The Stork is on its Way!

Ok, I know I keep saying I will write more often and then just up and vanish.

I would be surprised if anyone even logged in and read this post, considering the number of days that this blog was buried for.

However (and some of you may already know this), I do have a valid reason this time.

We are expecting a visit from the stork anytime soon (around the 18th to 25th November) and there were a few complications (which forced me onto bed and away from the laptop).

I have also not been shopping (or stepping out) for the last eight months, combine this with not writing either and you have a really frustrated CR who is just about ready to snap anyone’s head off!

And I have been dumb enough to sign myself up for this year’s NaNoWriMo (yeah, yeah, I already know I am late and I expect to miss the deadline, but hell, it should be a fun attempt, no?), which means I need to get my creativity hat on and my writer’s pen sharpened (though in this case, may just go for a manicure to get my fingers ready to tap away!).

So, there you have it, we are expecting a junior CR anytime now and we hope you will all pray for us and with us at this time. It hasn’t been easy keeping it from most of you, but considering our past, we know you will forgive us and rejoice with us!

Will keep you updated as frequently as possible.

P.S. Have promised myself not to become one more woman who keeps gushing just about her little bun all the time, if you ever catch me doing that here, promise me to pull me up real hard!


5 thoughts on “The Stork is on its Way!

  1. Congratulations!! Will pray for you. 🙂
    I understand your feelings in keeping it hush-hush. Hope all’s well and we get to hear some good news soon. 🙂
    I, for one, would love to read little tidbits about your little one.


  2. my prayers are always there with you…i miss being there for you!!! just want you to know i love you loads and i cant wait to see my prince or princess at the earliest…….


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