New Year Greetings

Let me start by saying “Happy New Year!” or as my son likes to put it…”goo goo ga !”

How did I celebrate new year..let me see…I started the evening pretty early with a full glass, graduated through the night holding onto someone I love like crazy and talking to him through, shouted happy new year to everyone around while doing a crazy jig at 12, made a couple of calls, drank some more and then slept a little.

Of course, the full glass was my horlicks, my baby was in my arms and everyone around means my mother and father!

Knowing that you are one of the few sober ones with no hangover on New Year’s Day makes phonecalls very interesting. Like calling most of your friends around 9:00 AM in the pretext of wishing them while knowing that the sharp rings in their phone are going to multiply their headaches further!

You are also in for a couple of disappointments when some people you count on to be stoned are actually quite awake and lucid and then you realise, hang on, this guy got married, maybe that’s it.

It is also the one time of the year when I actually use most of my contact list on the phone and send an sms. I hate those generic smses that people seem to send, devoid of any personal touch, almost like a routinue that they are following with no heart or soul! So I try to type in my own message and send it across, really close friends and relatives get a call along-with a message (though I may not call certain people if I know it is their first new year with their spouse/fiancee etc.)

That aside, I did send a couple of generic new year messages to a few people that I have fallen out with, just to make a sad point that I have moved passed them and they are nothing more than scattered memories that I have trodden on a long time ago. It is pathetic really, but makes me feel like I have made a point (esp. if they know my view on generic new year messages)!

2010 was special for me in a number of ways and here’s to 2011 – a year that I hope to spend more time reading and writing than in 2010.


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