Am back to writing on prompts after a hiatus of more than 18 months. And what better way to do it than start where I had previously started – with Writer’s Island.

So, here it is on Writer’s Island using the prompt of Embark:

She closed her eyes

Even as the panaroma around

Threatened to engulf her;

A sheer drop in front

Life hanging by a thread

She took a deep breath

And jumped;

The rope pulled taut

And the blood rushed to her head

Just as when she entered the world

Head first;

They screamed

And shouted

As they saw her


So close to the ground;

Running to her

They cut her lose

And she grinned

And cheered with the rest of them;

Conquering an old fear of heights

What better way

To embark on a new life and year

Than to face your fears

And start something new.


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