Two Years of the Good Life

Today Mrs. and Mr. CR celebrate their second wedding anniversary.
It has been made more special by a little bundle that keeps the two of us on our toes.
I had drafted a huge post in my mind for this, where I would extol the Man and his many wonderful characteristics, but realised finally that this was all I wanted to say:

Over a cup of frothing capuccino
Followed by a slab of decadent dark chocolate
Was all it took;
Late night calls;
Evening walks down paths
Shaded by beautiful trees;
Entwined hands one day
Twinkling eyes
Hiding secrets so deep
The next;
With a dimple;
Lips crinkling with suppressed laughter;
Jokes shared and stories retold
Dreams and fantasies revisited;
The first man to hold a chair out for me
The first man to have ridden down
To me
In the middle of the night
Like he was chased by demons
Just on hearing
That I was down
With a little illness;
The first man who thought
That a girl
Who still loves to
Run barefoot on grass
Wasn’t mad;
The first man who taught me
How to fly a kite
And loved the fact
That I love playing with children’s toys
The first man
Who saw my flaws
And thought they made me more beautiful;
The first man
With whom
I could bare all of me
Knowing that he was fascinated with me
Not the outer layers
But in the real me;
The first man
Who made me realise
The strength of a woman;
The man who has given me
The most beautiful gift of all – his heart;
The only man
That I have ever loved;
Thank you for being you.


14 thoughts on “Two Years of the Good Life

  1. Awwww Lovely! Happy Anniversary to both of you! And a lot more wonderful ones! πŸ™‚
    And its giving me goosebumps…. and makes me want to run up to my Hubster and snuggle up to him!


  2. Awwwww such a lovely poem. The love shines through it. πŸ™‚
    Here’s wishing you a (belated) wedding anniversary and many many more years of sweet togetherness. Hope you guys had fun on your special day!
    As PA says, I feel like going up to the hubby now and giving him one tight hug, just for being him. πŸ™‚


  3. Aww congrats! I remember wishing you last year.. wow! We have been around each others blog for an year.. (technically)

    hope you had a lot of fun.. i know am way too late with the wishes.. but what the hell eh?


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