Book Ideas (of the ones I may never write)

Here is a fun list of book ideas I came up with over the last two days while my tyrant son had me running around like a slave on a leash (albeit a lovingly held one):
a) Friday Conversations – Conversations with a female friend over a glass of wine during our monthly ritual of Friday lunches
b) The Ones that Got Away – A long list of men that managed to wriggle away from my grasp (note: not restricted to real men or real acquaintances)
c) The Ones that Got Caught – Restricted to one sad sod who was bulldozed into marriage by yours truly over a cup of coffee, a slab of chocolate and a mecca of books
d) Leather Fetish – Kinky details to be filled in by your imagination
e) The Not-So-Funny stories of women in Chennai buses, trains and other public places – Note to men – no, you can neither see nor touch
f) Kitchen Disasters – Of burns, blasts and fires and sloppy dishes (Still to cook something edible, but making slow progress towards that)
g) Encounters with aliens – Of all the Bosses and other people in power we meet in the corporate world
The list is of course modified and added to from time to time; we will add on as we think of few other names.


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