Rant about my cook

I must be one of few women in India who has a cook and who still spends around 2 hours a day slaving in the kitchen.
She is a cook par excellence, my mother-in-law has even nick-named her “Sarala Dalal”; she is great at nick-names that way – my mother in law, not the cook.
The first day she walked in, saw the kitchen and asked me, “What is this?” while pointing out to a rice cooker.
I asked her to make Sambar and Rasam one day and so she made one dish and plonked it in front of me and said,”From top, Rasam. From bottom, Sambar” and very proudly looked at me.
While salivating over a possible modak feast on Ganesh Chathurthi, she told me very plainly, “I don’t make any sweets or snacks!”
When cutting vegetables, she claims not to know how to peel carrots properly.
I pay her 7000 a month for a schedule that she has scripted:
a) Walk into the house at 8 AM and have a cup of coffee while watching me run like a mad woman cooking and packing our lunch and commenting, “ayyo! chappati a? You should eat rice instead! Otherwise, you will be hungry”. She will then proceed to eat the breakfast my mother-in-law makes
b) Cook rice and some veggies that look like some flip-flops burnt over a raging fire by 11 and then sleep till 1.
c) Wake up at 1 and have lunch and go back to sleep and get up at 3 and have some tea.
d) Leave at 4.
My mother-in-law once tried to give her some ginger to peel and cut and for three days,she just kept it back in the fridge and left. The fourth day, she threw the ginger away. We got the point. She doesn’t cut ginger.
I have a cook who doesn’t know how to cut vegetables, make Sambar or Rasam or cut spices, doesn’t know how to make sweets or snacks and I pay her 7000/month for her services.
Out of curiosity I asked her once who cooked in her house and she proudly said “My father. They don’t want me to cook at home”.
Figures. I have a cook whose family knows better than to eat her food!


5 thoughts on “Rant about my cook

  1. I have one for Rs. 5000/- all the way from Mumbai she stays at home full time does all the chores (ALL), makes parathas whatever type we want etc etc All we need to do is sit and eat yummy food. 🙂 😉 You made me feel so lucky and blessed.


  2. Hello,

    Funny story. 🙂 Anyway, I happened to go through your blog a couple of days back and was impressed. Let me get straight to the point. We have a forum at http://www.chennaichatter.com exclusively for Chennai-ites where we discuss various issues pertaining to Chennai and the nation. I think it would be great if you join us and take part in the debates. It would add a whole new class to the discussions.

    Have a great day!


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