A Cleanse

I gouged it out

A seething pulsating mess of raw nerves

Blue arteries, blue blood;

Wrung it

Washed it out

With formaldehyde;

flung it over the washing line

I have

On my roof

Attached it firmly with two plastic clips

So that it would not go into flights of fancy;

And the warmth killed it;

A creature of the dark

Betrayed to love and the sun

Its death freed me

And made me whole again;

A bottle of arrack

At the bedside

To numb the pain

As I start the process

Every night




And Die.


One thought on “A Cleanse

  1. absolutely brilliant!! but more than that i love the way the blog looks and i rem this pic …isnt it the same one you used when you wrote a poem wishing me for my bday 🙂


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