To my most regular reader

Dear readers,

I know this blog has been dead for sometime.

But I have been forced to relook at my writing. Forced to crawl out of the rock I hid myself under for sometime.

And all because one of my most faithful readers reminded me rather forcefully that life is short.

She was the most regular among you.

I kept getting messages on my facebook account from her asking me to write, that I made her day each time I wrote a new post.

I ignored those messages, I was too busy to reply to a friend.

I miss you dear Priya, I hope you are reading my blog now from up there.

And yes, we all are keeping an eye on your three children and will tell them all about their beautiful mother.

And I have finally replied to your message in the only way you would want me to, I am back to writing here.

Love you.



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