Ill Omens

For 3WW on”Feisty, Meddlesome and Stab”:

(Yeah, I know, it has been almost three years since I did a single prompt, but better late than never)

The first time we kissed

Under the stars

In the shade of the Peepul tree

and laughed at the fact that it was Amavasya;

Ill omens are but in the mind

You said

Even as the meddlesome cat

Hissed at us

Yellow eyes gleaming

From its black fur;

I stabbed my hand

On the last night

We spent together;

Vermilion red

You sucked at it

Your teeth coated

With the colour of me;

I had a dream

Of my blood in your hands

As you washed them

And said

Ill omens are but in the mind;

I now hang a garland of lemons

And fresh green chillies

Around you

In my heart;

I bite into it now and then

And smile

With teeth coated green

And red eyes

At you and the feisty young thing you have replaced me with;

Ill omens are but in the mind.


Note: Amavasya is the night of the New Moon and is considered as inauspicious by many Hindus.

Garlands of lemons and chillies are used to ward off the evil eye here. (Not sure if that works though 🙂 )



One thought on “Ill Omens

  1. I love the image of the lemon and chill garland..even better that it crosses over realities..i think you have created a poem that works on different levels..always like something otherworldly..


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