Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Today I met a person who changed my life forever.

Today I met me.

And I discovered a few things –

I do not like fatty food. I don’t like feeling bloated.

I absolutely adore whiskey and abhor cocktails and fruity drinks.

I don’t get the concept of doing drugs. And I am not interested in them.

I love to just chat. I wait for discussions on philosophy, the Hindu scriptures, culture and science.

I do not believe in love ever after. I love romance, just not everyday.

I prefer to curl up with a book instead of watching Cricket.

I don’t like bigots, racists, chauvinists or misogynists.

I hate pseudo scientists.  I love numbers; I love learning things. I am happiest on days when I have learnt something .

I love dressing up and to occasion.

I feel ready to do battle with makeup on. I feel naked without it. And exposed and vulnerable.

I have crappy hair.

I will always be fat, and after thirty four years, I don’t care anymore. I am beautiful and my size has nothing to do with it.

I have the most amazing eyes and lips. I am in love with them.

I love to dance, even if I have two left feet. I love to kick too!

My favourite pastime is running on the grass barefoot or running on the beach with the waves lapping at my feet.

I miss the stars on smoggy nights in the city.

I miss my friends, like crazy. And then I remember as they are all imaginary, I can always call them back. But they never answer anymore.

I cannot cook well, but I make a mean paneer butter masala. I will never be Masterchef.

I love musicals and country music. The only rock singer I can listen to is Elvis.

I also like Jazz and Opera. I believe that Caruso is the most beautiful melody ever written.

I am not artistic or creative.

I will never get people. I think it is because I am weird, but I also think maybe the others around me are. Never know.

I don’t think the man is always right just because he has a few body parts different from me.

I am me.

And I love myself.

And I discovered today, dear diary, what an awesome person I am.


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