There are times when I read or hear of the mindless violence around us and weep.

I weep for the children first

Innocents whose lives have been slaughtered

I wonder at times, in dreams

If there eyes were round with curiosity or dread?

If their mothers wrapped themselves around them

All their love seeping into them

In desperation

Trying to prove that love was stronger;

I weep at the blood that stains my sight

The gore that I cannot wash my hands off

For I too belong to this race

Of Men who believe in their God given rights

To take life;

I weep at their audacity

That they who do not give life

Believe they can take it

In a wink;

I weep at the little shrouds

Placed line after line

As blank faces look at them

And wonder what they did

To deserve this;

I weep for innocence lost

When a see a babe flinch from a hug;

I weep for Mankind at last;

When the young are slaughtered, we are doomed as a race, are we not?


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