Conversations with a Child

The other day, when I was trying to get my four (almost five) year old to sleep, he asked me a question – “Where does God live? Where is His house?”

Now, I am agnostic, but I do not believe that a child is old enough still to be able to have an opinion on this, so I stuck to the usual line – “Well, He is in Heaven. You know, that is where good kids go…”, in an attempt to make him think good behaviour is a must 🙂

Then, “How does Heaven look?”. Well, being the usual quick to adapt type of mom, I asked him – “Which is your favourite place to go to? The Beach?”, and he gave an affirmative nod.

“So, Heaven looks like the Beach, it looks like each one’s favourite place”.

“And what will God give us to eat?”

“Your favourite – Ice cream. So, be on your best behaviour and you will get Ice cream!”

And voila, a mother has a bribe now in place and a threat to keep her child in line (at least for a while), while dealing with guilt on having a conversation on God and Heaven and not sure she believes in either of them.

What do you think Heaven looks like?

For me, Heaven is my library, with a whisky by my side, a plate of pasta nearby and a book in my hand while some jazz plays in the background.

And oh yeah, it is a place where magically you can eat anything you like and you never put on weight!


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