On lasting and loving

For the Haiku prompt at  Ronovan Writes

My problem here is the problem of plenty; this is a prompt that had me thinking in so many ways and instead of distilling them into one topic, I thought, well, you know, the more the merrier.

A lot of times I find myself crying for mankind. It is difficult watching your kind slaughter themselves in the name of religion, caste, sex, race, opinions, land etc.

And so, to them I say

We kill and maim all

Can our species last the night

Better find the love

And of course, while talking about love, can I forget my darling, my precious, the reason for my downfall – chocolate!

Nothing lasts forever

Love for chocolate has died

Time to start dieting

And then, to round it off, who could have taught me better to love than my own mother.

Last but not the least

My mother’s lesson on love

Fix it daily, love.

Time to start working on my relationships – As I grow, I see that these need nurturing, pruning, watering, sunshine and loving. The trick of course is to know when to stop so that you don’t smother them.

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