Touching base with myself

Readers of this blog may have noted that after a recent flurry of activity, I have not posted anything for around 10 days (or more). Well, the reason for that is quite simple, I have been travelling to the most beautiful locales here in South India and meeting such extra-ordinary people on the way. I am so humbled at the generosity and simplicity that are corner stones here for most South Indians. In the cities, unfortunately, we have lost touch with our basic human principles – that of living a life rather than just running around being busy.

I took the time to wander the hills, watch the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, to laugh aloud, and to learn something new.

Like learning about dinosaurs, a species that my four year old adores.


Aren’t they majestic creatures?

Taking the time to stroll through the most beautiful rose garden, that had more than a hundred varieties growing. And blooming.


Drinking a hot cup of Chai from a stall vendor while the wind rushed past my face and played truant with my hair.

And I found myself, after wandering through those places.

I realised that I have to live everyday, savour it, love it and adore it. Every breath I take is a gift and wasting it on regrets, what ifs, past mistakes made is just my excuse not to live. It’s my prop to blame each time I get disappointed.

I prayed, a lot. And in prayer, I found peace and strength of mind. I read, a lot. And in the reading, I found ways in which I could make improvements.

It’s been a wonderful ten days for me. And I feel blessed that I was able to have this experience.


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