Art & Compass (Haiku Prompt)

I have had writer’s block for almost a decade now and have mostly dealt with it by trying to power through on short bursts.

These bursts were short-lived (as evidenced by the frequency of my posts in this blog) and fizzled out within a couple of days.

Over the last few weeks, I have been reading more, talking and living. And with these changes, I hear the words rustling in mind more as they begin to whisper. Whispers have become tendrils, tendrils have begun to grow into shoots of yearning as they seek an outlet.

And so I write again. Perhaps not as well, as fluent as before.

But I write. And so I rejoice.

And now, a Haiku inspired by the prompts(Art & Compass) given over at Ronovan Writes:

The art of nature

Canopy of stars above;

What need of compass?



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