Know the authors


Why you would want to know more about me, is more than I can fathom…

But for those millions of screaming fans out there (regardless of the fact that you are screaming at some megastar who just earns a bit more and is fabulous looking), I am just a normal woman in Chennai who has nothing else to do (except work, read and listen to music now and then), passionate about a few things – humour, reading, bloghopping and actually reading a few (especially if they are accompanied by snaps of cute guys). I am also nuts about coffee.

I am currently head over heels in love with this darling man who thinks the world of me, as he should.


11 thoughts on “Know the authors

  1. hey!!

    that was a turn-around .. ahhh or a make-over? umm whatever it is .. seems like a 360 degrees change from how your space looked just a couple of days back… sqeaky clean to melancholic dark ( hmm?)

    hmmm… perhaps its this experimentation that has inspired all the writing .. or maybe the other way around.

    Just when i had read your page back to back and was planning to do another try at it all … 🙂

    not too sure if i like this theme better than the last one .. but what the hell … its YOUR page and change is good.. !!


    CM, this was my old theme before I switched over to the squeaky clean one. I did the switch then because my page used to look so cluttered.
    But I missed the black screen, I loved it and decided it reflected my writing most of the time, so did a volte-face and got back to black!
    And black is the new black now, right?


  2. Hey CR
    Am back on your page to read some more . i know its too much to ask for , but i ll try to give it a shot… could i read the short story?
    its intriguing me to bits!!


  3. “all in all, being a disappointment to most people who meet me…”
    while your posts do not substantiate that claim, just reading that makes me feel like I have a twin….thank you…: )


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