He Said She Said

“Do not talk to me of poetry”, he said

“Unless you can show me any work

That distils the most complicated thoughts

Into a few crisp easy lines”.

And so she showed him Woman.


He Said, She Said

He Said: Where is the dynamo I knew? I miss her terribly.

She Said: I locked her up to keep her safe. She got too far ahead of herself. It was too much work hunting her down, scraping her up off the road and cleaning the mess.

He Said, She Said

“You blushed! When I came to meet you for lunch…”
“Did I? It was a little hot that day”
“Hmm Hmm”
“Hmm Hmm”
“So, two years of marriage..”
“Two and a half, but who is keeping track…”
“Ok.Two and a half and my wife still blushes when I meet her for lunch!”
“Shaddup! It was the sun!”
“That is so sweet! Still a blushing bride!”
“And of course someone was not beaming or holding my hand throughout…”
“Hmm Hmm”…
Little time to spend together now that we have a little boy to look after while juggling our jobs and travel, but what times those are! Love you!

He Said, She Said

“So I have booked us for the Harry Potter movie this Sunday”


“For a 9:30 AM show”

“What? On a sunday…”

“Morning shows are the best now, imagine the heat otherwise if we caught a later show”

“Ok, but you are also going to feed me?”

“Where do you want to have lunch?”

“It depends…”

“Depends on what?”

“On what I wear that day of course”

“You mean the fancier and more stuff you have on, the more expensive the place I have to take you to?”


“What about wearing a bikini? I think that would be nice and affordable then”

“Ha! Depends on the bikini! And this is Chennai…”

I do have issues with clothes that I have, none fit me which makes it tough to say what I will wear on a particular day until I try my entire wardrobe everytime in the hope that I fit into a dress all of a sudden. 😦

He Said, She Said – 5

“I think I want to be come a philosopher”

“Why? Philosophers stop having a life”


“Yeah, they are so busy thinking that they forget to live”

“But don’t philosophers need to live to be able to ponder?”

“Nah, they just use their past experiences”

“And what if thinking is their way of living?”

“So, you want to take a break from everything else and just sit and think”

“Yes. And I still think I could have a life while trying to find what is behind it”

“Yeah right!”

He Said, She Said – 4

“Do you know they say if you have your drink with a straw, you get high faster?”

“How does that work?”

“Well, I am not sure, but I think it’s because your alcohol usually settles at the bottom of the glass and when you use a straw, you are directly sipping in the alcohol, instead of mixing it with the other stuff in the cocktail”

“Oh, Ok”

“You should try that with the drink you are having now”

“Uh, this is scotch on the rocks”


And there goes another man who is thrown aback when he sees a woman have that particular drink.