Her kohl rimmed eyes danced over her glass

An impish expression lit them

And she spun circles around the minds of men;

They were drawn in, all of them

By the cheeky grin and her insouciant, almost irreverent chatter;

Uncertain laughter on their lips as they discovered themselves wanting

Facile homilies being uttered and passed as quick wit then

To catch her nimble brain

They ran hard and gasped for breath and looked up

Why were her eyes still dancing?

And so it began, all over again

The hunt.


For the Mother in the Orphanage

She had a loud laugh that made people nearby cringe

A booming voice that commanded attention

A big girth that demanded space everywhere

People rolled their eyes when she jostled past them

What a waste of a person, they would say

As they watched her clutch all the bags of food around

Screaming at those trying to push her out of the way;

And a hundred children hugged her  and loved her

Her big heart grew every day encompassing all with love

And the bigger her heart, the bigger she was

This Mother Hen.

Warm Blooded

Neurotic I may be

But darling, what are you when you hold me close

And say you don’t believe me

Even when I lie bleeding

A knife through my heart;

It pumps, I can feel it

Doing its’ job

Pumping and gushing

Not knowing that it is killing me;

There is warmth and heat around me now

Blood red warmth

Your eyes are red

Are you crying?

Why are you screaming?

There is warmth around me now

And here you called me cold blooded and stone hearted!

Is that why you are crying?

Well, apparently I did have a heart

And now am lying there

Why do I look red?

I think I prefer the colour blue.

Is that why you are burying me in a blue cloth?

That is a nice colour

Though I am not sure I like mud on me

Can’t you just burn me?

I like fire

Which is why I loved you

Mother told me I would get burnt

If I played with fire

And boy, was she right?!


Yesterday I danced

Through the path where we had once walked

Hand in hand;

Where you had broken my heart

As you walked away;

I danced and it rained

I licked at the little drops as they fell of my nose

And laughed aloud;

I danced the way I longed to when I was with you

And couldn’t;

I danced till I could no more

I loved till I could no more

And then I walked back home with a smile.

Freedom came with the price of love

And what price freedom?

Yesterday’s Love

I wore my heart on my sleeve yesterday and allowed him to feast on it. Every inch was a new meal, and the red blood his dessert. He got his nutritional value from it, the carbs, proteins and the fat. 

And of course, the daily requirement of a li’l bit of love.

And then he washed it down with my saliva, kissing me as he devoured my lips, for that li’l bit was not enough.

“More!”, he cried.

And so I gave more, pouring out all of it, letting it gush through my veins to my lips.

Blood red, they were a seething mass of flesh soon.

“More!”, he ground out against my teeth, crushing them to powder underneath.

“More!”, he screamed as he pulled my breasts out in his hand, squeezing them harder than pain itself.

“More!”, he screamed grinding against me, until my pelvis was nothing more than brittle bones.

And then, when he had it all, he looked down and said, “You are damaged goods. I can’t stay with someone who has let herself go like this”. And walked.

“More!”, I cried out to his shadow. “I am more than that!”.




She laid them all out in shrouds, one by one, on the earth.

And then buried them.

No tears were shed as she worked mechanically, no rituals observed. She thrust the spade further, shifting the mud, ensuring there were no stones that could hurt the little bundles.

Finally, the work was done and she stood up, stretching. The sun was just beginning to peep out for the day and she walked back to her life, without a look back.

They asked her why she wore black at the office that day and joked about being in mourning.

She just smiled and said, ” I like black”.

Dreams of children belong in the graveyard, but dead dreams require mourning and so she mourned for a day.