Pushing Myself

I pushed myself today

And adrenaline gushed through my veins

I felt myself stretched and waited for the inevitable break

I looked around and could see through my hands

Stretched paper thin;

I panicked as I realised

That the pulse of my heart

Was out of tune with my breath;

My heart beats built to a crescendo that deafened me;

I saw the world tilt and felt my feet slip;

I clawed and scratched trying to get a grip

And realised that there was no friction to be felt anywhere;

And so I pushed myself more

Felt the air around me shatter

And was reborn, stronger.

The Watchers

A rhythm that only I can hear

I dance now, flitting along the border of decorum

Always the eyes watching me;

A call that only I can hear

I jump and run barefoot

The feel of the dew refreshing to my tired heels

Always the eyes watching me;

A song that only I can hear

I laugh with joy and crinkle my eyes

Always the eyes watching me;

A cry that only I can hear

And so I gather them to me and hug and love them

Always the eyes watching me;

Cynosure that only I can hear

And so I let go of dancing, running, laughing and loving

Always the eyes watching me.


Her kohl rimmed eyes danced over her glass

An impish expression lit them

And she spun circles around the minds of men;

They were drawn in, all of them

By the cheeky grin and her insouciant, almost irreverent chatter;

Uncertain laughter on their lips as they discovered themselves wanting

Facile homilies being uttered and passed as quick wit then

To catch her nimble brain

They ran hard and gasped for breath and looked up

Why were her eyes still dancing?

And so it began, all over again

The hunt.